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Yahoo! Groups Adoption Directory

Find the adoption group for you at Yahoo! Adoption Groups directory. Group forums include: adoptees, adoptive parents, international adoption, transracial adoption, adoption search and reunion, birth parents, and seeking to adopt. Connect with others in the same adoption situation.

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National Foster Care and Adoption Directory Search

This U.S. government resource provides in-depth information regarding all aspects of adoption and foster care in the United States. The National Foster Care & Adoption Directory offers adoption and foster care resources by State.

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Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency

Adoption is big business and loosely regulated. Statutes governing it vary from state to state. It’s truly a buyer beware market. Here are some screening questions you can ask your agency to ensure a more successful adoption.

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Child Welfare Information Gateway - Is Your Agency Reputable?

Check out the National Adoption Directory, a database funded by the Department of Health and Human Services that lists licensed agencies by state.

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10 Things Your Adoption Agency Won’t Tell You

Things to consider as you interview your adoption agency. Your agency is going to avoid certain topics, see what they are now and avoid heartache later.

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International Adoptions - Get Current Country Status Information

Quickly discover the status of adoption in many countries. Information supplied by the Joint Council on International Children's Services.

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Adoption Agency Research, a Yahoo! Group

The Adoption Agency Research Group was formed to help prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) in their research and selection of an international adoption agency. Over the past decade, international adoption has grown to a billion dollar industry, yet few safeguards exist for adoptive parents. 4,800+ members.

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Investigate Your Agency with the Better Business Bureau

The BBB be a source of information about the business license, legal actions, and principals’ names of your agency.

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Shop for Books on Adoption at Amazon.com

Extensive list of books on Amazon that discuss adoption, sorted by relevance. Find the books most helpful to your situation.

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Discover Financial Resources at The National Adoption Foundation

The National Adoption Foundation provides financial resources, information and services for adoptive and prospective adoptive families. This site provides people the opportunity to receive grants, donate to the cause, and learn more about legislation lobbied for by the National Adoption Foundation. Also has information about current adoption news as well as answers to frequently asked adoption questions.

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