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The International Mom Blog

A blog written by a mom of a multiracial family, three through international adoption. Judy Miller shares her observations, experiences, reflections, and perspectives on parenting.

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10 Things Your Adoption Agency Won’t Tell You

Things to consider as you interview your adoption agency. Your agency is going to avoid certain topics, see what they are and avoid heartache later.

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Full House, Full Hands, Full Heart – A Personal Adoption Blog

Meet Erin Henderson, a young mom to 11 awesome kids (8 through transracial adoption). Erin is a passionate advocate for the millions of orphaned children in the world, and about HIV education and awareness. She is the HIV+ adoption coordinator for Adoption Advocates International.

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Liberia Adoption - AdoptiveFamilies

This small country on the west coast of Africa was established in 1847 as a homeland for freed slaves from the U.S. Children are available for adoption mainly because of the extreme poverty in Liberia, though some may have been orphaned during the civil conflicts. AdoptiveFamilies provides comprehensive information about adopting from Liberia.

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Our First Year with Ava Sidisse - A Personal YouTube Video

Wonderful adoption video! Watch a flashback of the past year with this family's daughter from Ethiopia. Includes "Gotcha Day" footage. 5 stars, 8:39.

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International Adoption from Ethiopian

Only seven U.S. adoption agencies are approved by the Ethiopian government to complete international adoptions of Ethiopian children. U.S. citizens must work with the Ethiopian governmental central authority, the Children, Youth and Family Affairs Department (CYFAD) which is under the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Learn more on this site.

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Adoption Under One Roof – Adopting from Ethiopia

This excellent, up-to-date blog covers every angle of adoption for African countries allowing international adoptions. Covering adoption from every angle, every view, for everyone.

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Ethiopia Adoption - AdoptiveFamilies

Drought, floods, famine, and disease have pushed many thousands of Ethiopian children into institutions, because their parents are either no longer living or are unable to care for them. AdoptiveFamilies provides comprehensive information about adopting from Ethiopia.

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U.S. Department of State: Country Specific Information

In-depth information on international adoption from the U.S. Department of State. Click on the country of your choice, such as Nigeria, Liberia, Rwanda, or Ethiopia, and you will have access to a wealth of information such as residency requirements, time frame, adoption agencies and attorneys, adoption fees, and adoption procedures.

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Embassy of Ethiopia, Washington, D.C.

Keep up to date with the latest news on Ethiopia, visiting Ethiopia, and adoption requirements.

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