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China Adoption


China Center for Adoption Affairs (English)

International adoption from the view of the Chinese government. Covers caring for the orphans in China, processing times, and international aid.

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China Adopt Talk – Get the Latest News on Adopting From China

China Adopt Talk is a gathering place for families just getting started, waiting for a referral, and home with their children. News on the status of China adoptions.

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Adoptive Families: China Adoption

Find fast facts on Chinese adoption, helpful articles, a searchable database of adoption agencies working with Chinese adoption, links to online support groups and much more.

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4 China Adoption Agencies listings

This is an excellent place to research adoption agencies when considering Chinese adoption.

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Adoptive Parents China (APC) – A Yahoo Support Group

Interact with people who have gone through the adoption process or who need help with special issues related to Chinese adoption. 18,748 members; founded April 18, 1999.

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U.S. Department of State: China Adoption Guide

General guide from the U.S. Department of State to assist U.S. citizens who plan to adopt a child from a foreign country and apply for an immigrant visa for the child to travel to the United States.

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Internet Resources for Adoption – Many Links to Chinese Adoption Services

Find businesses to help with the paper chase, personal stories, list of Chinese adoption agencies, and much more. Provided by Families with Children from China (FCC).

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Maila's Adoption Story, a Personal YouTube video

Follow the journey to China with this family's YouTube video. Provides footage of "gotcha" day and time spent with new baby in China. 5 stars, 7:52.

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Post-Adopt-China – a Yahoo Email List

This busy email list is for interactive information sharing and support about parenting children adopted from the People's Republic of China. Any parent or close family member who is already returned from China is welcome. 5,588 members; founded Apr. 18, 1999.

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Find Best-Selling Books on Chinese Adoption at Amazon

Extensive list of books on Amazon that discuss all aspects of adopting from China, sorted by relevance. Some titles include Silent Tears, Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son, Learn Simple Chinese, and much more. Choose books most helpful to your phase of the adoption journey.

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