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Korea Adoption


U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service

Information from the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service which includes links to adoption forms, link to the I-600 petition to bring foreign born orphan into the Untied States, laws and regulations, education and resources and more.

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Adoption.com: Korean Adoption

This is an excellent place to research Korean adoption. Includes Korean adoption overview, fact sheet, background, adoption blogs, country overview, and much more.

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Korean Adoption – A Personal YouTube Video

Wonderful story about a young couple who decides to adopt a Korean baby. Follow them down to Atlanta to pick the baby up. What's most interesting is that the mom-to-be was also adopted from Korea through the same agency. 4-1/2 stars, 1:47

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Shop for Books on Korean Adoption at Amazon.com

List of books on Amazon that discuss all aspects of Korean adoption, sorted by relevance. Some titles include "We See the Moon", "When You Were Born in Korea", and many more. Choose books most helpful to your phase of the adoption journey.

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Korean Focus – Understanding Korean Culture

Korean Focus helps adoptive and multiethnic Korean American families develop an appreciation of the rich heritage of Korea and the contributions of Korean Americans to American culture.

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Yahoo! Groups: Adopt Korea

This is an up-to-date forum on anything relating to Korean adoption. We welcome people investigating the process, those who have adopted, and adoptees themselves. 1,321+ members.

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Adoptive Families: Korea Adoption

South Korea has the world's oldest international adoption program. More than 200,000 children have been adopted from that country since the mid-1950s, Find more facts on Korean adoption, helpful articles, a searchable database of adoption agencies working with Korean adoption, links to online support groups and more.

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Adopting From Korea and Afterwards

A goldmine of information about adopting from Korea. This site was noted as a best online information source for Korea pre-adopters by Adoptive Families magazine.

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U.S. Department of State: International Adoption, Republic of Korea

Guide from the U.S. Department of State to assist U.S. citizens who plan to adopt a child from Korea. Information includes eligibility requirements, residency requirements, waiting time frame, adoption costs, and a listing of adoption agencies approved to work with the government of Korea.

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Wow Adopt - Forum

For adoptive families, by adoptive families. This site is full of links to forums and websites on Korean adoption as well as general adoption information. Discover information about food, culture, prayer groups, single mothers and much more.

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