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LGBT Adoption


Anti-LGBT Rulings, Laws and Amendments

Lambda Legal focuses on state laws regarding adoption by gay and lesbian parents. This site elaborates on second parent adoptions and joint non-relative adoption by same sex couples. It views the professional's role in regards to adoption issues, such as disruption/dissolution, kinship care, open adoption, post adoption services, single parent adoption, wrongful adoption, and many more issues relating to adoption.

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Families Joined By Love - A Safe, Secure Forum for LGBT Families

This forum was created to provide a safe place to discuss same sex adoption and adoption issues. Meet people who have adopted, are in the process, or are working on LGBT adoption.

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Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency

Adoption is big business and loosely regulated. Statutes governing it vary from state to state. It’s truly a buyer beware market. Here are some screening questions you can ask your agency and ensure a more successful adoption.

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Child Welfare Information Gateway

Check out the National Adoption Directory, a database funded by the Department of Health and Human Services that lists licensed agencies by state.

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10 Things Your Adoption Agency Won’t Tell You

Things to consider as you interview your adoption agency. Your agency is going to avoid certain topics, see what they are and avoid heartache later.

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The Reproductive Lawyer – Gestational Carriers and Surrogate Mothers

This Reproductive Lawyer provides information on adoption through the use of gestational carriers and surrogate mothers. They will help you build your family using all available reproductive technologies. Each year hundreds of babies are born under our guidance. The Reproductive Lawyer been pioneers and leaders with our landmark cases helping shape the law for future generations

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