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Ukraine Adoption


Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency

Adoption is big business and loosely regulated. Statutes governing it vary from state to state. It’s truly a buyer beware market. Here are some screening questions you can ask your agency to ensure a more successful adoption.

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Child Welfare Information Gateway - Is Your Agency Reputable?

Check out the National Adoption Directory, a database funded by the Department of Health and Human Services that lists licensed agencies by state.

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Things Your Adoption Agency Won’t Tell You

Things to consider as you interview your adoption agency. Your agency is going to avoid certain topics, see what they are and avoid heartache later.

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Shop for Books on Ukrainian Adoption at Amazon.com

List of books on Amazon that discuss all aspects of Ukrainian adoption, sorted by relevance. Includes information about orphan psychology, special issues with adoption and much, much more! Choose books most helpful to your phase of the adoption journey.

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Ukraine Embassy, Washington, DC

Keep up to date with the latest news on Ukraine, visiting Ukraine, and adoption requirements.

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eMail List - EEAC

EEAC operates twenty-one Internet mailing lists, each operating as a public discussion support group with a different focus and audience. UKRAINE-L (country mailing list) covers Ukraine adoption. Follow the “Subscribe Today” instructions on the left to signup.

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Frontier Horizon – Ukraine Hosting Programs

Frontier Horizon’s present mission is the improvement of the health, education and general welfare of orphan children in Nicaragua and Ukraine. This organization provides exchange opportunities to children from partner orphanages in Ukraine with United States host families.

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All About Attachment - A4everfamily.org

This site is loaded with informational articles on all phases of adoption including attachment disorders, red flag behaviors, PTSD symptoms, sensory integration dysfunction and much more.

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IRS Adoption Credit – Topic 607

You may be able to take a tax credit for qualifying expenses paid to adopt an eligible child (including a child with special needs). Links to credit or exclusion Form 8839, Form 1040, and Form 1040A.

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