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Twin Pregnancy: What Multiples Mean For Mom

Would you be surprised to learn that you're carrying twins or even triplets? It happens to an estimated three in every 100 pregnant women in the United States. Worldwide rates of twin pregnancy vary. One thing is certain, however: Twin pregnancy rates are on the rise. Learn more about what to expect if you are pregnant with twins.

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Facts About Multiples – An Encyclopedia of Multiple Birth Records

This site contains world record type information about multiple births, from twins and triplets to higher order multiples like septuplets and beyond. News verification is required for additions to the site.

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Multiple Birth Freebies!

Estimates are that raising one child up to 17 years of age in today's world will range anywhere from $135,000 to $270,000. Then, add another $20,000 to $150,000 for attending a 4 year university. This adds up to almost a half million dollars per child! Add another or another or another child to your family at the same time and its overwhelming to think on how you can raise your multiples at a comfortable level. Here’s a list of companies that offer specials deals to help the budgets of multiple birth families.

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6 Week Ultrasound of Triplets – Surprise! A Personal YouTube Video

Listen to the parents as they discover they are having triplets. Everyone is surprised!

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The Triplet Connection Forum For Multiple Births

Do you have questions or answers about having multiples? Then this is the place for you! The Triplet Connection was founded to provide much-needed information for parents expecting triplets or more, and now has the largest medical research database in the world specifically for higher-order, multiple-birth pregnancies and delivery outcomes. Over the past 22 years The Triplet Connection has received more than 35,000 detailed medical questionnaires from parents of triplets, quadruplets or more.

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Pregnant with Multiples? Here are Some Tips to Stay Healthy.

Eating properly, getting enough rest, and making regular trips to the doctor are critical measures for any expectant mother to stay healthy. And a woman with a multiple pregnancy might be scheduled for more frequent appointments with her obstetrician/gynecologist (OB-GYN) than women who is pregnant with a single fetus.

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JustMultiples.com: Where Shopping Begins For Triplets and Twins

Just Multiples was created to add even MORE fun to the lives of families with twins or triplets. Use this website to purchase everything you need to raise multiple birth babies.

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Raising Multiple Birth Children: A Parents' Survival Guide

With the birth of triplets, Bill and Sheila Laut went from double income, no kids to single income, numerous kids desperate for advice, but finding little. Their book How to Raise Multiple Children is packed with practical tips for parents raising twins, triplets, quadruplets and more.

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Twinfinite Chaos: A Personal Blog About Raising Twins

A personal blog written by a mother of two sets of twins. Laura, also known as LaLaGirl, is the mother of a teenager and two young sets of twins. She's happily married to an enginerd named Paul, loves living in Colorado, and writes almost daily about married life, raising multiples, and parenting a child with autism.

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TWINS Magazine – The Magazine for Multiples

Reports bi-monthly on having, parenting and enjoying twins. Contains articles, books, reports on having and raising twins as well as sells gifts for parents of multiples. Current issues, back issues and articles are for sale online.

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