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Multiple Births


Raising Twins And Multiples

If you're expecting twins or triplets, chances are that you're delighted but also wondering how you're going to juggle the needs of your instant family. After all, most new parents have their hands full with just one baby! The reality is that raising multiples is hard. Start planning now for your rapidly expanding family.

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Multiple Birth Pregnancy Guide – University Of Maryland Medical Center

There are two types of twins, fraternal and identical. Fraternal twins are more common because each baby develops from a separate egg and sperm. Generally, the ovaries release one egg a month, but sometimes more than one egg is released and fertilized. Fraternal twins will have individual placentas and amniotic sacs. Since each has a different egg and a different sperm, it is like siblings being born at the same time. Learn more in this multiple birth pregnancy guide.

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Twin Parenting: The Challenges And The Joys

Twin parenting has some unique challenges. One important difference with twin parenting is to try and not make comparisons. We need to be careful with that as it sets up expectations. Learn about some common challenges of raising twins.

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Twin Stuff Store

Twinstore.Com, part of the Twinstuff.Com web site, features hundreds of exclusive original products for twins, higher-order multiples and their families.

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Join a Support Group for Parents of Multiples

Whether you are already raising or expecting twins, triplets or more, drop in on the WebMD support group to chat with others about the special challenges of carrying, delivering and parenting multiples.

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How to Deal With Unwanted Advice on Raising Multiples

Over the years, many parents of multiples have expressed anger, frustration and guilt as a result of "advice" meted out to them from well-meaning family and friends, who, I might add, were also NOT parents of multiples. Several mentioned that the feedback began even while they were pregnant, "You're not resting enough... eating properly... how come so many doctor's visits?..." The main gist of the "advice" was judgmental and negative, leaving the distinct impression that, given the same circumstances, the unsolicited advisor would be making far superior decisions and is the much wiser parent. Learn how to deal with this unwanted advice on raising multiples.

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Possible Risks for Mom of a Multiple Birth Pregnancy

A multiple birth pregnancy is automatically called "high risk". While this term generally has a negative connotation, it is also a security blanket, so to speak, for parents expecting multiples. Mom is followed more closely, can expect more ultrasounds, blood tests, fetal monitoring, has different nutritional needs than if she was carrying one baby, can expect a greater number of visits with her doctor and may be referred to obstetrician to deliver the babies, all in the wish to ensure a happy, healthy outcome to this multiple birth pregnancy. Learn about the risks associated with multiple birth pregnancies.

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8 Reasons Why Raising Twins is Easier Than Raising Two Kids of Different Ages

People often seem amazed at the challenges of raising twins. Even parents with more kids then me mention it. How bizarre to think that people could imagine that raising four kids is more difficult in any way shape or form than raising twins. This website talks about how raising twins has to be easier than raising a mere two kids that are different ages.

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Yes, You Can Breast Feed Multiples

It can be a shock to learn that you are pregnant with twins. Suddenly many of your expectations, plans, and former decisions are changed. Your decision to breastfeed, however, does not have to change. Human milk is especially important for twins, who are often small at birth and need all the health advantages human milk provides. And breastfeeding can help you create that special and necessary bond with both babies. Many mothers have nursed their twins with wonderful results; you can enjoy nurturing your babies in this special way, too!

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The Multiple Births Foundation (MBF)

Internationally unique, the MBF has become an international authority on the care, development and special problems of children born as twins, triplets or more.

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