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High Tech Child Safety Products from BrickHouse

BrickHouse Child Safety was created to help parents maintain their children's safety in this hi-tech world by offering them the best and most modern child security products available. Find child locators, GPS car tracking, nanny cameras, keyloggers, and baby monitors.

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Family Safety Can Help Protect Your Children Online

With Family Safety, you can specify the people your children can communicate with, the websites they can view, and the search results they are shown. Sign up for free.

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How to Talk With Your Teens About What They Can And Cannot Do Online

Regardless of whether you use a filtering program, you should still be sure that your teen follows all of the basic rules listed in this brochure. Filtering programs are not a substitute for good judgment or critical thinking. With or without filters, children and their parents need to be net savvy and communicate with each other. Learn how to talk with your teen about what they are doing online.

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Parents - The Anti-Drug: Laying Down The Rules

Parents, you are the first line of defense when it comes to your child’s drug use or drinking. And you do make a difference! Nearly two-thirds of teenagers see great risk of upsetting their parents or losing the respect of family and friends if they smoke marijuana or use other drugs.

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