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Family Law Software – Financial Software for Divorce

Family Law Software offers software that can help you negotiate a better financial deal; save you money on taxes; and help you get control of your financial situation. Includes: Financial planning & analysis software for divorce, child support guideline calculators, pension evaluator, arrears calculator, and divorce calculators. $179. Used by financial planners, attorneys, mediators, and individuals who are going through a divorce.

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Cornell University Law School – Divorce Laws

Divorce law differs in each state and can change from one year to the next. Visit Cornell University’s Divorce laws page for links to the divorce laws of the states and to tables summarizing some of their salient points.

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Children and Divorce on DivorceSource.com

The DivorceSource website has a number of articles dealing with children and divorce. Learn about custody and visitation, how to tell your children you are getting divorced, the child’s perspective on divorce, parenting plans, rights of children, and much more.

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Divorce Entry on Wikipedia

It is estimated that upwards of 95% of divorces in the US are "uncontested," because the two parties are able to come to an agreement about the property, children and support issues. When the parties can agree and present the court with a fair and equitable agreement, approval of the divorce is almost guaranteed. If the two parties cannot come to an agreement, they may ask the court to decide how to split property, deal with the custody of their children. Learn more about the types of divorce from Wikipedia, the free online encylopedia edited by volunteers.

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Find Best-selling Books on Divorce at Amazon.com

No matter what your divorce situation, Amazon likely has a book for it. From helping you get organized to ensure your attorney represents you well, to rebuilding your life, to helping your kids cope, to protecting your financial security, Amazon has something for you. Reader reviews and ratings help you pick the right book for you.

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Background on Divorce from MedLine Plus

MedLine Plus is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. This website provides links to research, articles, organizations, statistics, and support on divorce.

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Find a Mediator/Arbitrator in Your Area

Want to avoid the costs of an divorce attorney? The Association for Conflict Resolution has a mediator referral service where you'll be able to find a mediator in your area.

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Legal Zoom Divorce

Divorce doesn't have to be complicated or costly. If you and your spouse can agree on how to divide property and resolve any child-related issues, you can file what's known as an uncontested divorce. LegalZoom can help you file for an uncontested divorce in 3 simple steps for around $300.

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